Keep with Vigilance Proverbs 4:23


You may ask what what am I keeping with vigilance? We must keep our hearts our minds with our vigilance. That means guarding what God has given to you. Don’t just keep your heart with vigilance keep your mind and your spirit with vigilance. And even the conversations which means be mindful of the conversation that you are entering. If you know that it is a conversation that is not of God do not enter the situation. Watch what you are saying how you say it.

Watch what you listen to and who you listen to don’t just say things from off the top of your head.

Stay away from distractions.

Keep your eyes on Jesus.

Look forward not backwards.

Watch where you’re stepping, guard your heart your mind your spirit your calling and your anointing and watch what you allow in your heart and your mind and in your spirit. Because the thing is that when you do this it impacts your heart, but the thing is that when guarding your heart, you got to guard what God is saying to you also.

I’m going to say that again what God has given to you. Ask God for discernment and when you’re unsure about something go to the word of God.