ABOUT: Since my early years, it has been my desire to Work for God; I have a passion for preaching God’s Word, and I have a passion for leading people to Christ and holding their hand on their Journey of Sanctification. I have a passion for preaching God’s Word, ministering to His people, and bringing them into a relationship with God through mentor-ship, which he is involved with at EU. At EU, Jabre is talked of as changing and impacting people’s lives positively. Since birth Jabre has been on fire for God, which grew and multiplied over the years. Getting this far is achieved through getting things done. In all this, Jabre gives ultimate thanks and glory to God, who deserves all glory. Glory belongs to Jesus.


Jabre Harris was Born on Nov 14, 1999, in Portsmouth, Virginia, to Jeff Harris and Tarnisha Waddler Harris. At age 7, Jabre preached his first sermon titled “I Can Do It – Phillipians 4:13” at Zion Baptist Church in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Jabre answered God’s call to ministry at age 12. After accepting his calling, Jabre became much more dedicated and committed to ministry, leaping forward in his calling.
At his home church, Faith Deliverance Christian Centre, Norfolk, Virginia, Jabre, age 15, as a teenager, preached his second sermon titled, “Jesus Loves – You John 3:16.”

After this, at age 18, Jabre preached his third sermon titled “Why Do You Doubt – Mathew 14:22-33” at Memorial Church of God In Christ, Haverford, Pennsylvania.


In 2007 I joined Faith Deliverance Christian Center, which remains my home church to this day. The Ministries I have been part of were Acts Team Ministry, New Hight’s in Christ Teen Choir, Sons of David, Men’s Fellowship, and other areas. As I continued to grow and mature spiritually, I became more active and involved in Church. Being part of these ministries exposed me to divine spaces where the seeds of divine knowledge are planted. After continued watering, the growth of divine knowledge created more space that allowed others to connect and also grow in this space. Having several mentors is very important as I have learned from each and every one of them. Throughout my journey, I have been inspired through my congregation, pastors, and church leaders to continue on the journey toward a pastoral vocation.
Jabre believes that he is who he is because God made him who he is. Jabre says, “I am who I am because God enabled me and called me to it”.

I have a heart for God, ministry, serving, and God’s people, and I want to continue to do what God has called me to do; and even in that, I am going to continue to follow God as He leads me to where His Will is Calling me to go. Whether in or outside of the season, I am willing and ready to go forth in the Call of the Lord. My heart and passion for spreading The Word of God to His People. This is what being active in The Church is about and being active in The Church is a blessing because you learn more and more as you go and grow.


During these years of 2013, Jabre started a program named “Men of Distinction.” The purpose of the program was for friends to gather and fellowship together after school and talk about the different things that of on in the world and how to be talented young men in their community.


Jabre started Kempsville High School in 2015 and graduated in 2018, during which time he earned several student excellence awards.
• Mentor
• Men of Valor
• Ambassador of Future Business Leaders of America FBLA
• President of Men of Valor
• Junior Year became junior class president
• Had honor roll throughout high school
• In Senior Year, he was part of WKHS, News Broadcasting, to advise students on what’s happening and what’s coming up. News Channel – High School News Channel


My freshman year (first year at university) started in 2018, and this is where I became the Chaplin for Angels of Harmony Gospel Choir. Prior to Choir Practice, I would bring a word of encouragement from The Lord to share with the Choir.
During my second semester of freshman year at Eastern University is when One Generation first started.
During my Sophomore year, I joined the Campolo Scholars Program, where several opportunities were presented to me.
In my junior year (3rd year), I was featured in the Eastern University Magazine and on their Social Media Page. During my junior year, God placed it in my heart and told me to post daily devotions on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

In my senior year, with all that I had gone through. Nothing but God who led and inspired me during the four-year journey at Eastern University and brought me through. The Joy of The Lord kept me in the midst of what I was going through, and even as a graduate of Eastern University, God has been working things out. What God Brought me Through got me prepared for the next level that I am about to go on and prepared me for the person I am today.